plant parenthood workshops

So you’re thinking of having a plant?

Are you trying to create a zen jungle but keep ending up with brown, curling leaves that look sad? Come to this fun workshop with Jana from Microcosm, a budding microbiologist. Listen to sweet tunes, and learn some handy tips to suc-seed in looking after your plant babies.

You will get to choose a cute plant with some help from me on what will work for you, a Mr Kitly self-watering pot and all materials needed. We will pot up a plant and chat about what to look out for and how to fix it. Unleash your plant pot-tential!

These classes can be booked privately for work events, celebrations, or pop-up events at your space. Get in touch if you want to branch out from the usual activity.

I also hold public classes every couple of months, dates are announced on Instagram.

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